As the person ultimately responsible for the visual material, it is sometimes difficult to hand things over, but it can also be an enormous enrichment! You can read about the pros and cons of outsourcing photo editing here.

Save time by outsourcing photo editing

It is recognizable to many people. You are always busy and are often behind the times. Deadlines are sometimes met and sometimes not. Day-to-day business takes up an enormous amount of time. In this case, outsourcing work is indispensable. Look at which activities can be easily outsourced so that you can save time and focus on your tasks and responsibilities again. One task that can be easily outsourced is image editing. So start with that as soon as possible, it gives a lot of peace.

“By outsourcing the post-processing to Dropyourimage, we have been able to grow in assignments.
We can handle large jobs easier and faster. Our people are now doing what they do best, taking pictures.”
Jeroen Pulles – Pulles en Pulles

Outsourcing work does cost money. But you get a lot of time in return. Then the question is how much your time is worth and what it costs to outsource this task? Therefore, make agreements in advance about the price if you outsource work. This provides clarity and prevents costs from being higher than expected afterwards.

In many cases you can use your time much more valuable. In the time when you normally edit 1000 photos, you can now, for example, make acquisitions or finally get rid of your to-do list. Then the choice is of course quickly made. Outsourcing photo editing costs money, but may ultimately yield more money.

Choose a party with expertise when it comes to image editing

Lack of expertise is one of the biggest reasons for outsourcing work. Do you now edit the photos yourself, but are you not actually specialized in this? Then there is a good chance that it will take more time than it should. You are losing precious time. When selecting a partner, always opt for expertise. This ensures higher quality image edits, time and you probably also get the best price.

Lack of control in outsourced work

An important reason for choosing not to outsource photo editing is the lack of control. You do not have a continuous view of what is happening and you can make adjustments when the work is done. Therefore, make sure that your partner knows what is expected of them in advance. Test some images and make sure all necessary information has been transferred. This ensures that you will be a lot happier during the check-up. Lack of control turns into happy during control. How nice is it when you receive your images exactly as you envisioned and it has also saved you a lot of time?

Costs versus benefits

Ultimately, the decision is up to you, your boss or supervisor. Therefore, make a cost vs benefit analysis for yourself. What are the advantages and disadvantages for your organization if photo editing is outsourced. If you are still in doubt, test operations at a number of batches, often this is free. This way you have a complete picture and you can easily make the decision whether or not to outsource. Good luck!