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Adding a shadow photo can make the difference between a sale or not. Some products stand out just a little bit more when a shadow is added. This can be the original shadow, but a natural shadow can also be added to the image. Adding a shadow can give a photo more depth or a slightly more natural look.

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Add shadow photo, what are the possibilities?

Adding shadow to a photo can make an image just a little bit more 'alive'. You can add a shadow to an image in different ways. Because we add the shadow to the photo in a natural way, you can choose from which angle the shadow should be added to the photo. For product photos, for example, we often choose to add a shadow to highlight and highlight the product a little more. Another common form of adding a shadow to a photo is with photos or images that are used in printed matter or catalogues. The entire photo is then given a natural shadow to give some extra depth to the healed image.

DropYourImage and shadow photo

Looking for experts to add shadow photo? Look no further, don't keep trying to add a natural shadow to your photos. DropYourImage can add shadows to your photo in any way you like. From small to large numbers, from extremely tricky to very simple shadowing. Our photoshop experts have an eye for detail and provide stunning results every time. DropYourImage ensures that your photos get a natural shadow. Create an account for free and upload the photos that matter, add your wishes in our online configurator and we'll do the rest. An extra gift for you, the first three photos are completely free.

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Do you want to know what your photos will look like after adding a shadow photo? Start today with three free photos. Create a free account and upload three photos and click on your wishes in the online configurator. We'll make sure you get amazing results. And oh yeah, no strings attached or long-term contracts. You get three free photos and you're not attached to anything. We will be happy to add shadow photos for you.

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