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styling and retouching

Styling and retouching of photos can make a world of difference in the presentation of images. With styling and retouching it is possible to smooth out wrinkles in clothing, plastic or other products. But it can also even out a model's skin, remove freckles and birthmarks. Labels or stickers on products can be removed and so on. The possibilities with styling and retouching are endless and the result is amazing.

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styling and retouching, what are the possibilities?

As briefly described above, the possibilities of styling and retouching are enormous. Below an explanation of the possibilities.

styling and retouching for fashion

It's almost impossible to get fashion the way you want it to be. You almost always keep seeing a wrinkle or fold on the photo. When styling clothing, we make sure that the disturbing elements in the photo are minimized, put the product straight and, if desired, symmetrical. This way you get your images of fashion back with a perfect look.

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Indicate in the configurator which specifications the order must meet. Consider for example: dimensions, background removal, mirroring, retouch and much more..

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Styling and retouching products

Product photos where a corner is still double, very disturbing of course if you want to sell this product. With styling and retouching this is solved in no time. All distracting elements of the product are neatly concealed or minimized. Any damage, scratches, dust or dents are professionally concealed by our specialists. Of course, we also ensure that the product is straightened out and, if desired, we make the product freestanding. You can expect a beautiful picture in return, I promise. Styling and retouching will amaze you.

DropYourImage and styling and retouching

DropYourImage has a team specialised in styling and retouching. We like to listen to your wishes and needs in order to bring out the best results. Through our online configurator you can easily pass on your wishes for styling and retouching of your images. If there are any questions or uncertainties, please feel free to contact us. We will be happy to discuss the possibilities with you in the field of styling and retouching.

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