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Freestanding photo

Freestanding a photo or image is one of the actions most commonly done in Adobe Photoshop. When an image or photo is made freestanding, the object is cropped out, so that the background is easy to remove or blur. Easily said, the object in the image is detached from the image, so we can easily edit it in the way you have in mind.

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Application freestanding photo

Editing a photo can be done for different purposes. For both online and offline use of the image. When you sell products online you will know better than anyone that the product images that Making a webshop. In this way we can help you with freestanding product images. For offline use you can think of the layout of brochures, leaflets and or other applications of photos. Do you have wishes for a specific background color or environment then we can easily add these when the image is edited.

Dropyourimage and photo editing

We have developed an online configurator out of our own needs, in which you can specify in detail how you want the photo to be edited. The freestanding of the image serves as a basis for the editing. In the configurator you can upload the images, specify your wishes for the editing and the delivery time. This is already possible within 3 hours. As indicated above, the configurator offers various options. These are can be added to the freestanding images.

Save specifications

Indicate in the configurator which specifications the order must meet. Consider for example: dimensions, background removal, mirroring, retouch and much more..

Upload files

When you have specified the specifications you can quickly and safely upload the images that you want to have edited.

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